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retireez_grp_bannerRetirees (a.k.a Retireez)


The SKIBACS Retireez is a sub-group within the club. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for Boeing retirees to socialize together and ski together and to further the interests of retirees within the club.

Retireez meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month, September through April

at the Oxbow Recreation Center at 10:00 AM. Come and join us for coffee and donuts and ski talk.

Other Retireez activities are mid-week, overnight gatherings at the SKIBACS lodge at the Crystal ski area, mid-week one day ski trips, and multi-day ski trips optimized for retired folks.

Our group is very active and very friendly. We make new people feel welcome and comfortable. So don’t hesitate to join us and make some new ski friends.

For more information, contact Bob Weist at 425-746-3608 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

or complete the Contact Form below.

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