*** UPDATED ON 8/19/2021 ***


Face masks

When other parties are present in the Lodge, 2-layer face masks (without an exhalation port) are required to be worn over BOTH mouth & nose by everyone age 2 & older who is not fully vaccinated, while indoors other than when in bunk room with the door shut, showering, or when actively eating/drinking in the dining room.   (So, keep mask on when moving around Lodge, even if no one else is nearby at the moment!)


Lodge Access/Entry

  • Anyone feeling less than 100% must stay home, unless it’s from a pre-diagnosed chronic health condition.
  • Anyone coughing, sneezing or exhibiting symptoms of illness must leave the Lodge until at least 24 hours symptom free.
  • External doors remain locked.  Lodgers must get key code from Caretaker.
  • Please wash your hands upon entering the Lodge



  • Visitors (friends visiting members and guests staying) must remain masked while in the Lodge if other parties are present.
  • Sleeping directly on mattresses is prohibited.  Bring a lightweight sleeping bag or sheet/blanket.
  • Sleeping with the room door open is prohibited if anyone in the room (including infants and kids) are unvaccinated.



  • Children only allowed who can limit play to outdoors or sitting fairly still indoors.  Again, children must be vaccinated or masked.
  • Children may not roam the Lodge without their parents directly supervising them.
  • Due to cleaning difficulties, toys & games are unavailable until the pandemic is declared ended by the CDC.
  • Families whose children can’t comply will be required to leave.  Refunds will be provided for days subsequent to the current day.



  • Preparing and cooking complex meals is discouraged when multiple parties are present in the Lodge, so that everyone can make use of the kitchen without lots of close contact required in that small space.  Again, unvaccinated folks must be masked if other parties are present.