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Ski & Board Trips

Chamonix, France, Winter Park Resort, Sun Peaks, Whistler-Blackcomb, and more... Don't miss out on the Early Bird Discounts.


Early Bird Discount: Deduct $50 per person for deposits made by Oct.1 thru Dec. 8, 2017 (Trip dependent each varies - See Trip Book for specific date)

Please direct questions regarding a specific trip to the trip leader. General question regarding trips should be directed to our receptionist at the new phone (206) 400-SKI2 (7542).

Confirmation & Trip Information Packets

The trip leader will send the confirmation and information packet to the first name listed on the sign up form. If you wish to receive a separate confirmation and information packet, please use a separate form.

Rates for Children
Please call the trip leader for detailed children’s rates for these trips.

Sign-up Sheets
SKIBACS trips are for SKIBACS members and their guests. If you are a guest of a SKIBACS member, you need to include their membership name/number on the form. Every person who signs up for a trip must read the Disclaimer Statement and sign the "Ski Trip Sign-up" form found in this book.

The Deposit amount for each trip is required for every person signing up.
Do not combine trip payments with any other moneys you may be submitting (membership dues, other events, etc.)

Write a separate check for each trip. Note the trip destination on the check. If you are paying for other people, be sure to identify each person. If you are paying by credit card contact the receptionist with your credit card number.

The Trip information packet and confirmation will be sent only to the top name on the sign-up form. Up to four people rooming together may use the same "Ski-Trip Sign-up" form. ALL parties must read and sign the Disclaimer!

List all roommates who are sending in separate sign-up forms on the bottom of the "Ski Trip Sign-up" form, in the space provided. Remember, if you want separate rooms, use separate forms.
Trip Leaders will assign you roommates if you sign up alone, or in groups smaller than a roomful. It may not be possible to give you exactly what you ask for in terms of room occupancy. For instance, you sign up alone and ask to be in a room for four, but there are only two other people to put you with - you would end up in a room for three, and pay the "Three per room amount".


Payments must be made on time! If you fail to do so, the first person on the waiting list that has paid in full will take your place and you will move to the bottom of the waiting list. When making payments for other people, be sure to note who they are and what trip the money is for. Do not make payments for multiple trips with a single check! Write a separate check for each trip.
Members/Non-members In order to take advantage of the "member rate" you must be a member for the 2017-2018 season.

Prices quoted are for SKIBACS members, as a reminder SKIBACS annual membership expires September 30. The non-member fee is $25 per trip.

If you sign up for a trip and later must cancel, you will be charged $50 (for preparing your check, canceling your reservation, finding a replacement, and the accounting involved) plus any non-refundable deposits made for accommodations, travel, lifts, etc.

Note: Airline tickets are issued specifically in your name. We cannot refund their costs after tickets are issued.

Watch "Final Pay Dates", they usually preceded ticketing by a few days.
We suggest you buy trip insurance. We STRONGLY suggest you buy trip insurance for overseas or other, higher priced trips. Further information and sign-up forms will be available from trip leaders. Refunds are made after SKIBACS receives the credit, usually after the trip is completed. We try to get refunds out quickly, but it can take a few weeks for travel agents to process the final accounting, which includes cancellation credits.

All cancellation requests must be in writing! Send them to the SKIBACS receptionist, at SKIBACS M/S: 0F-KA.

A courtesy call to the trip leader is appreciated. Refunds are issued only when a written cancellation is received within the appropriate time frame.

Cancellation requests received after the "Final Pay" dates that result in fewer people in a room will be charged for the difference in room configuration. We cannot ask the remaining people in a room for more money. However, we will make every effort to find a replacement.


All SKIBACS trips are NON-SMOKING. Smoking is not allowed in rooms or on the bus!

Please be conservative about drinking on the bus. The Trip Leader has the authority to do whatever is necessary to make the trip pleasant for the bus passengers. This includes letting you find your own transportation midway to your destination.