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SKIBACS members and their guests with paid reservations at Skibac’s Lodge, can park in areas designated for “Clubs’ Parking” in Lots C & D free of charge during the week.  Parking there at when you do not have lodge reservations may result in a fine or loss of skiing privileges.   Those spaces may not become available until later in the evening, so if you arrive early you may need to park elsewhere, then move your car into one of those spaces once they open up after current-day customers go home.    As of 3/18/24 reservations are no longer needed to park at Crystal for this season. 

From “Clubs” parking against the bank at the downhill end (only!) of C-Lot, it’s .16 miles to the front door of SKIBACS Lodge.  1/3 of the way is slightly uphill then 2/3 is steeper downhill.  This route is suitable for small kids, and for pulling a sled with gear in it.
From the “Clubs” parking at the downhill end (only!) of D-Lot (look for the little wooden SKIBACS sign and follow the trail) is .12 miles to the front door of SKIBACS Lodge.  There’s a short, steep (often slippery) section, across a bridge, then up a 69 step covered stairway with lights you can turn on/off at either end.  Suitable for carrying belongings in a backpack, etc.
From the “Clubs” parking at the downhill end of E-Lot to SKIBACS (follow the trail into the woods under the streetlight) is .25-.3 miles to the front door of SKIBACS Lodge.  This circuitious path through the woods then steep uphill may be required when “Clubs” parking in C & D Lots are full.
“Clubs” Parking Areas
Park close together like you’re at Safeway or Target.  If cars side-by-side can open their doors all the way at the same time, you’re much too far apart. 

Do not leave valuables in your car!

Please feel free to contact Wendy or Corey if you have any questions.  We’ll do our best to answer them!!!

 Thank you!

Wendy Welch

SKIBACS  Lodge Administrator

(206) 550-8667

Corey Meador 

SKIBACS Caretaker 

(360) 280-0835