Retirees get a $10 discount on Tuesdays at the Skibacs Lodge and perhaps we can get a little traction this year for group participation whether they be potlucks, Yahtzee tournaments or whatever; a blank slate for anyone to coordinate or contribute.

To take advantage of the $10 discount for booking at the lodge use the use coupon code KA5F43G2 when checking out. If you’d like to stay additional nights, add the Tuesday stay to your cart first, then add the additional nights. The code is valid for Tuesdays only. If you have any problems or need assistance with the process, please call the Skibacs receptionist Kellie at 206-400-7542.


I’ve created a Retirees discord channel on the Skibacs Discord Page. I’ll be posting new information to this page and feel free to post if you’d like to pass any information to other members. To access the discord page, click on  ‘Join SKIBACS Discord Page’ on the Home page of this site.


SKIBACS is offering a Wednesday 9:30 am to noon ski improvement for level 5 (advanced intermediate) and above at the Summit at Snoqualmie. This is great for retirees that want to avoid the weekend lines and put a little polish on that Wedeling!


For all skiers not holding an IKON pass already Crystal has two flavors of 3 day passes available The anytime pass is valid any day of the week (excluding holidays), and they don’t need to be consecutive days, with significant savings over the daily rate. The midweek pass is good for M-F (excluding holidays) with a bigger savings. They can be used any day throughout the season excluding holidays but must be used in the 2023/2024 season.

Note that on daily lift tickets you can still get the Boeing Discount using the following link:


As there was a bit of interest in Retiree Trips but not enough to arrange a typical group trip, we might consider Small Group Ski Trips. The concept being that if a group of 2 to 4 folks could take a ski trip together to one of the many IKON resorts and possibly share an Airbnb or common hotel, rental car, etc., without the lead time and complications of a large group of people. Thinking short notice and maybe following the storms 🙂 Concept only so far, details to be worked out… This way you could be coordinating with folks who already have something in common and would like to ski with acquaintances rather than going on a trip individually.

Here are some of the resorts that were suggested by our members that are on the IKON pass and some are easily accessibly via non-stop flights from Seattle:

Palisades (Reno)
Big Sky (Bozeman – BZN)
Revelstoke (gotta drive, there are no close airports)
Winter Park (Denver then drive – DEN)
Steamboat Springs (HDN)
Snowbird (Salt Lake City – SLC)
Solitude (Salt Lake City – SLC)
Mammoth (smaller airport nearby)

If anyone’s interested in this option send an email to me at and I can put you on a separate DL and post to interested parties. I can also post it on the Retiree Discord page.