The Boeing Employees Ski and Snowboard Club (SKIBACS)

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Existing Boeing Employee Members and Associate Members have been imported into the new website.

Guest Members have NOT been imported as there are new requirement for signing up as a guest on the new website.

Account passwords for imported members have all been reset. You should login with your email address as the username and the temporary password combination of your last name and the mailing address Zip Code you used when signing up for your account – e.g. johnson98072 for last name “Johnson” and Zip Code “98072”. If your last name has a space or apostrophe like “Van Deveter” or “O’Brien” then please exclude those from your temporary password combination.

If you do not remember your zip code or your password combination is not working for some reason, you may simply use the “Lost Password?” reset link under the login form.

Thanks and here’s to a great winter season!