Each year at the lodge we host work parties where members and friends come together to work on much-needed fixes or lodge improvements. 

We couldn’t run this lodge without our

hard-working volunteers!


Work Party Weekends

Our standard work party weekends focus on repairs, maintenance, and lots and lots of painting. Please look for more updates and details about a month in advance of each workparty. Minimum age 8 with direct parental supervision. 


*August 17-18 Work Party (this date may change depending on remodel progress and timeline)

September 14-15 Work Party

 October 12-13 Work Party


*This work party to be tentative, with the remodeling of the kitchen.

Thank you for your flexibility this summer! 

Thank you,

Wendy, Kevin & Hilary


Sign up here, we will send out an additional email with more information as the time draws closer.


Some snapshots from our last work party on August 25th..