If you are a current Boeing employee, Boeing contract employee, retired or former* Boeing employee, or you are an immediate family** member, you can join SKIBACS! We offer many benefits, including discounted ski lessons, SKIBACS Crystal Lodge reservations and awesome annual ski trips.

Part of the application process is verifying membership and membership eligibility. We will need your BEMSID and Date of birth which will be verified. You may receive an email asking for additional information to help process your application.

If you do not fit the immediate family definition as outlined below and have been a member with us in the past, we will be looking at those on a case by case basis for the 2020/2021 season. Please email info@skibacs.org to discuss.

* To qualify as a former Boeing Employee: You must have left the Boeing Company in good standing and not for cause.

** Immediate family member consist of: parent, spouse/partner, sibling and/or child(ren).