This membership is intended for our instructors who are not eligible for a traditional SKIBACS Membership yet teach for us.

Benefits Include:

  • 50% Lesson Fees for your immediate dependent family members (spouse/partner, dependent children).
  • Attend Instructor’s Weekend at our Crystal Mountain Lodge (Typically the 3rd weekend in March) at Member Rates.
  • Stay at our Crystal Mountain Lodge to attend PSIA/AASI event being held at Crystal Mountain Resort at Member Rates – must be pre-approved by the Ski School Director.
  • Attend any SKIBACS social events.

Benefits’ do not include:

  • 50% lesson fees for non-dependent family members (e.g. siblings, parents, cousin)
  • No guests
  • Use of our Crystal Mountain Lodge outside of Instructor’s weekend or pre-approved stay while attending a PSIA/AASI event at Crystal Mountain Resort.
  • Ability to go on our trips.