The following survey will help us with the number of pizzas, drinks, ice cream and other things we will need to get for this event.

Gallagher’s Where-U-Brew

Gallagher’s is a family friendly establishment, you do not have to be over 21. Minors are welcome. They will have beer, wine and root beer that was made onsite and we will provide pizza, bottled water and ice cream (for root beer floats).

You can also brew a batch ($185 – $215) or half batch ($135) while you are there. From Stouts to IPAs and from Porters to Lagers and everything in between over 55 different recipes! Once brewed, the beer will be ready to consume or bottle in 2 weeks. A batch will give you 6 cases and a half batch 3 cases. If this is too much get a group together to split it up.

Wine kits are available and will yield about 28 bottles and Cider will yield about 50 12 oz bottles.

It’s always great to bring your own beer, wine or cider to your summer events!

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