Face masks (without an exhalation port) are required to be worn over BOTH mouth & nose by everyone age 2 & older, other than when in bunk room, showering, or when eating/drinking in the dining room.

(So, keep mask on when moving around Lodge, even if no one else is nearby at the moment!)

Lodge Access/Entry

  • Anyone feeling less than 100% must stay home, unless it’s from a pre-diagnosed chronic health condition.
  • Anyone coughing, sneezing or exhibiting symptoms of illness must leave the Lodge.
  • External doors remain locked.  Lodgers must get key code from Caretaker.
  • Full legal name and e-mail—in addition to phone number–is required prior to entering Lodge. (for contact tracing)
  • Hand sanitizer (maintained by Caretaker) required immediately upon entering Lodge, while in Foyer.


  • Max occupancy of 36 per night. (Half of normal building occupancy)
  • No Groups allowed.
  • No Visitors allowed.  (New/potential-member tours allowed if arranged in advance with Caretaker.)
  • Guests unless from same household as member.  (Such as stepchildren, or unmarried co-   habitators)
  • Rooms sit empty 72 hours between uses.  (New locks are installed on doors.)
  • Key access arranged individually with Caretaker.
  • Sleeping directly on mattresses prohibited.  Bring a lightweight sleeping bag or sheet/blanket.
  • Sleeping with room door closed is required.
  • Main lounge furniture is socially spaced.  Moving furniture is prohibited.


  • Children only allowed who can limit play to outdoors or sitting quietly indoors.
  • Children may not roam the Lodge without their parents directly supervising them.
  • Game room converted to socially spaced lounge.  Moving furniture is prohibited.
  • No toys available. (Due to cleaning difficulties).

Dining (slightly different rules)

  • Masks must be worn at all times unless actively eating/drinking.
  • Eating & drinking limited to Dining Room.
  • Dining Room limited to 25 people at a time.
  • No more than 6 per table (Must be from same household.)
  • Moving tables prohibited.


  • Cooking complex meals prohibited.  Heat & eat only.
  • Members bring own picnic ware
  • All dishes, cups, silverware, pots, pans, utensils, hot pads, dish towels, etc. removed.
  • Grills strictly off limits (to prevent kitchen monopolization & vigorous effort required to clean them.
  • Strict food handling rules will apply for coffee making, etc
  • Hot Cocoa machine is out of use during pandemic.  Please bring own individual packets
  • Sanitize food preparations areas before & after use
  • Clean food prep & serving ware, and return it to your room, immediately after eating.


  • No group garbage cans, or trash/recycling containers provided.
  • 13-gallon wastebasket with lid provided for each room
  • Garbage bags placed in rooms by caretaker.
  • Everyone takes all their own garbage and recycling when they leave.


  • Since it’s difficult ensuring bathrooms are sanitized by others, plan to “clean your way in”, wiping down what you use (sinks, faucets, switches, knobs, etc.) and leave it clean afterwards.
  • Please leave sanitation supplies on bathroom counters near the door.