Boeing Employees Ski and Snowboard Club
Trip General Information, Policies & Procedures

Trip Questions

Any questions specific to a trip should be directed to the Trip Leader. Their contact information is
provided along with each trip itinerary. Any other questions regarding SKIBACS and trips in general
should be directed to the SKIBACS Receptionist.

How to contact SKIBACS

Receptionist: Kellie Heslin
Phone: (206) 400-7542
Address: SKIBACS
PO Box 68125
Seattle, WA 98168

Receptionist Hours

Ski Trip Sign-Up Forms

Sign-up forms for SKIBACS trips are available on the website. SKIBACS trips
are for SKIBACS members and their guests. If you are a member sponsoring a guest, you are taking
responsibility for your guest. You are responsible for making sure they are aware of conduct, waiver,
and all pertinent requirements for the trip. Any assistance necessary please reach out to trip leader.

Confirmation & Trip Information Packets

Trip Leaders will reach out to the primary contact for each deposit made. They will level set with the
primary contact on who is in their party, details of the trip, and more. If you have any
accommodations or information you need to relay to the trip leader please do so at the earliest


Payments must be made on time! If you fail to do so, the first person on the waiting list, who has
paid in full, will take your place and you will move to the bottom of the waiting list. If you are a
member sponsoring a guest for a trip you are responsible for paying the final invoice for you and
your guests. Deposits and final payment links are found on each specific trips information page.


In order to participate and take advantage of the SKIBACS member rate, you must be an active
member of SKIBACS for the current season. [Note: membership expires September 30th] Prices on
the trip flyers are quoted for active SKIBACS members. If you are a guest, an additional guest fee of
$25 per trip is added to the member package pricing. A guest must attend the same trip as the
sponsoring SKIBACS member.


Room sharing is available and preferred. Certain trips will offer single offerings however some may
not due to lodging constraints. If you know who you are rooming with declare as such on the trip
deposit form. If you require pairing with other singles for rooming please declare as such on the form
as well as declare to the trip leader when they reach out to you.

Special Requests

If you have a special request for a particular trip, please don’t hesitate to ask the trip leader. We do
our best to provide the most comprehensive itinerary for all trips. However, we can’t foresee every
combination possible. Examples of special requests may include, but are not limited to, children’s lift
ticket discounts, ski lesson packages, breakfast options at your hotel, or even different hotel room
packages. We do our best to accommodate your request.

Cancellations and Refunds

If you sign up for a trip, and later must cancel, you will be charged $50 (the club’s processing fee, for
preparing your refund, canceling your reservation, finding a replacement, etc.), plus you will forfeit
any non-refundable deposits made for accommodations, travel, lifts, etc.
All cancellation requests must be emailed directly to the SKIBACS receptionist:
A courtesy call (no texts, etc. to the trip leader is mandatory. Refunds are issued only when an
emailed cancellation is received within the appropriate time-frame indicated for each trip.
Cancellation requests received after the “Final Payment” dates that result in fewer people in a room
will be charged for the difference in room configuration. We cannot ask the remaining people in a
room for more money.
Refunds are made after SKIBACS receives the credit, usually after the trip is completed. We try to
get refunds out quickly, but it can take a few weeks for travel agents to process the final accounting,
which includes cancellation credits.

Trip Insurance

We suggest you consider purchasing trip insurance, especially for overseas or other higher-priced
trips. Further information and sign-up forms will be available from trip leaders. The club will not be
able to issue refunds after the cancellation window has closed with lodging, airline, etc. for trips.
Insurance is a sure way to make sure your investment is covered.


Trips sponsored by SKIBACS are intended to be enjoyed by everyone, whether on a bus, train,
airplane, in the lodge, or on the mountain. It is expected all members and guests behave in a
manner that is respectful to others, and that they will abide by the laws and regulations of the city,
state or country which they are traveling through or residing.


All SKIBACS trips are NON-SMOKING. Smoking is not allowed in rooms!

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